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My Inspiration


Drawing from life is very important if you want to create convincing illustrations and the inspiration for many of my drawings and painting comes from 3 very special animals!


Taffy 3R.jpg
Mindy 2M.jpg
Pippin L1.jpg


Pippin 4L.jpg


Mindy 5M.jpg


Taffy 6R.jpg

1 Pippin

Pippin, part Jack Russell, part Chihuahua, part cat. Loves food and warmth, doesn't do mornings.

2 Mindy

Mindy, Spanish Podenco rescue. Can reach most surfaces with a single bound. Her long snout is a great advantage when it comes to yoghurt and ice cream tubs.

3 Taffy

The youngest family member. Tolerated by the ladies, mostly. Obsessed with squeaky toys. His finest moment so far is destroying  the front of the sofa to get to a chew toy.


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