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Stinkydogs and Muckypups

Names that sound funny and cute, but anyone who's ever experienced the dreaded "Oh yuk ! What's that on your neck ?? Ugh, bleurgh, ack!! " will beg to differ.

Having made the disgusting discovery it's off to the sink, bathtub or - weather permitting - hose pipe. It takes a powerful shampoo to shift all trace, although I'm reliably informed tomato ketchup works !

Finally released after all trace of the offending stuff has gone, you're treated to a disgusted side eye and a thorough shake, followed by mad Zoomies.

If you're very unlucky a second sneaky roll may take place.

Gag, fume, rinse and repeat.......

Taffy was so insulted by his last bath he was moved to write some poetry. He presents it here, and dedicates it to all fellow dogs who've been made to smell of soap instead of poop.

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