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Balls and Blessings

Hello everyone - it is I, Taffy.

Last weekend was my birthday - Yay ! I am three in hooman years, but more in doggo years. That means nothing to me, so I ignore it.

What it did mean was lots of fuss, special biscuits, chews, steak for dinner (oh boy) and two, yes TWO new squeaky balls to add to my collection.

I am a very lucky boy xxx

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Hi glad I have found you I have had your card toilet training on my loo wall. I have just purchased five minutes peace which I will add to the wall. Fond memories of “don’t forget to pull the chain.” “ news paper used in real emergencies and my dad taking the news paper and his pipe and warming the seat but don’t ever think he took a drink” Thankyou again for your art I can now enjoy broswing more.

Replying to

Thank you for such a nice comment, I'm so glad you like my cartoons. 'Five minutes peace ' was partly inspired by my great Aunts outside loo, complete with recycled newspaper, chain pull and ...spiders ! Fond, if slightly scary memories :)

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