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Mole Wars !

The mole saga began early one morning with the surprise appearance of a molehill in the garden. Naturally the terriers discovered this first and kept it to themselves. By the time we found out why they were so quiet (always very suspicious) the molehill was more of a mole crater, its spoil spread liberally around the path and over the dogs.

"Oh, morning mum, you're out early !"

After chasing them in, brushing all the soil off the path and counting to high numbers, we thought that was that.

Not so - each morning a fresh hill appeared. The terriers couldn't wait to get outside and start work. Every day became a battlefield of digging dogs, brushing and scolding humans and endless face and feet washing.

The molehills eventually disappeared, but the terriers had discovered that digging is EXCELLENT FUN !

The garden is now covered in defensive bits of netting, strategically placed pots and threateningly full watering cans (just you dare ....) We are gradually losing control of the neat garden, the terriers are having a blast, and somewhere deep deep down ..... a mole is laughing.

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